Craig Speirer from Dynatel was amazing!

We wanted our flat screen hung on the wall above our fireplace which was also opposite of the master shower plumbing. Geek squad wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole because of the water and wiring and gas being so close, but Craig’s guys did it in a perfectly safe manner without any issue.

He also installed an amazing THX style surround sound system mounting all the speakers in the ceiling (and re­wiring what the Pulte M&M Electric guys had done since M&M had set up the TV to be on a completely different odd wall­ very annoying). It integrates cox cable, Apple TV, Roku, Blue Ray, and our music library.

The video entertainment system can be controlled with our One Harmony remote (no more 5 different remotes and he set up our smart phones/iPad with an app to do it all as well). All the equipment is hidden in the hall closet and laundry room. So simple, my kids can easily use it and my wife loves it.

He also set up remaining speakers throughout the house and in the backyard to be on the Sonos system. This system allows us to play completely different music in every room via Pandora, iTunes, Sirius, Amazon Music, etc. At any point the music station or playlist be added to any other room, multiple rooms or played throughout the house. All controlled thru the iPad/iPhone. No knobs on the walls. Yes­ my wife can listen to Howard Stern while getting ready in the master bathroom and I can listen to another Sirius station in the bedroom at the same time, and my kids can listen to Kidz Bop upstairs. At any time these rooms can be merged onto the same station to play the same thing at the exact same time.

Dynatel also put an intercom system in that is really helpful ­ has a monitoring feature that we use for our baby and the system works great to page the whole house when trying to get the kids to come for dinner. 🙂

He pricing was comparable to other quotes that we got, but the system / features / package / integration and service that

we got from Craig was WAY BETTER!!!!

- David C.Henderson, NV

I have a reputation for being a perfectionist, in addition to having a professional background in media technology. Needless to say, when I hire somebody to work on the media distribution within my own house I take more than an active interest in their work. The first project I hired Dynatel for represented a variety of jobs that you might call upon them to perform. I had them run dual Cat­6 wires throughout an already constructed house, speaker wires from the first to the second floor, add seven ceiling speakers in home theater, mount a projector in the ceiling with an IR trigger run, and install three flatscreen televisions. Additionally, I had them run their work to a media server room, not located on the same floor and in an entirely different section of the house, where everything was integrated with HDMI switching, etc. The work they performed was flawless and did not require any follow­up visits. I have since hired them to return and I will continue to call upon them in the future. Whether you need your business wired with audio, security cameras, or simply to have a tv mounted, I can’t possibly imagine why you would call anyone else. My highest personal recommendation.

- F T.Las Vegas, NV